Wax on

Thank you, kind readers for your words of support. I just meant to post a photo and it turned into a whine session. Guess I needed to vent.

This weekend I was able to squeeze in some craft therapy, between soccer games and parties. Thanks again to pinterest for inspiration.

While on a walk last week, I even stumbled (almost literally) on a large supply of crayons at a yard sale. Brand new and dirt cheap. With this project in mind, I snapped them up quite happily.

In fact, Keith stopped by a flea market later in the week and brought home even more crayons for me. Total and irrefutable proof that this project was meant to be!

I had an old canvas of Grandpa S's in mind. I'm quite sure this was not one of his intended uses for this surface. Definitely more Bob Ross than Degas. Sorry, Grandpa!

Ethan wielded the hair dryer for the first five minutes or so. The boys gathered round and oohed and ahhed.

The wax cooperated and began melting quickly although it took many minutes more to melt the whole crayon. I taped rather than hot glued the crayons on because I wanted to remove them after the melting. This had the effect of insulating them which prolonged the process.

Next time (!), less dark colors (as suggested). When the melted colors mixed, they turned out a little darker than I really like.

Otherwise, a masterpiece!



the Joneses said...

Your last post was NOT a whine. What are blogs (and friends!) for, if not siphoning off some of the worries gnawing at you all the time? And I for one am always glad for updates.

Once again, you amaze me with what you undertake with the boys. And once again, the results are striking.

-- SJ

Anonymous said...

Love it! What was the shortcut way of joining pinterest again? Can you get me in quicker?--KK

Liane said...

Thanks, Sara!
K-the quickest way is to be invited. I think I tried inviting you before but will try again.

Leslie said...

YEAH!!! Another idea! Do you realize that you started an Ice Treasures tradition in my family, AND T-shirt printing tradition through your blog? You are my idea girl! That was the nice way of saying "I copy everything you do and make people think I'm creative."

BEAUTIFUL photo of your boys working on the canvas, and of your little cutie "pondering" the deeper meanings of the art while sipping a bottle. I can copy your ideas... if only I could copy your photography talent.

;) I was wondering today how I found your blog a couple years ago. Then remembered - it was miss Sara! She lives near me and we have a mutual friend, and we both blog. I found you through her blog. That's how.

I'm finished blog-stalking you today. Promise!

Liane said...

Wow, thanks, Leslie! You are good for my ego:) I'm so glad we found each other through Sara. I really enjoy your blog too!

the Joneses said...

I think Blogger ate my comment.

I didn't realize that Leslie and Liane had connected. That's exciting. I mean, one day I might actually MEET Leslie in person! And see Liane for the second time ever! Sigh, I often think about what a fun neighborhood I'd live in if it were populated by my online friends.

-- SJ

Heidi said...

Please do not take this the wrong way... this project made me twitch.

Liane said...

Ha,ha, I knew you'd love it, Heidi!