File this under useless information

So, I've had this pomegranate that I picked up with a rare spirit of adventure sitting on my counter for a couple weeks, mocking me.


I remember having some of this fruit as a girl and liking it. But I also have a more recent memory where I tried to reproduce this childhood experience and something wasn't right. I wasn't sure if my trouble was cutting into the fruit, or just with the taste.

Either way, I thought I'd try again.

Believe it or not, there is a correct way to cut these and it makes a difference.

Cut vertically through the stem (core?). Also, it might be good, if you value your clothing, to wear an apron or possibly an entire hazmat suit. This baby is messy. Lucky for me, I have no clothes that aren't already covered with stains and holes. It's my signature look.

Make another vertical cut and then pull the seeds away from the membranes by hand.

One tip I read was to drop the seeds in a bowl of water and the membranes should separate and float to the top. Kind of a scam but worked some of the time.

My kitchen looked like a violent crime scene by the time I'd finished.

After all that, I didn't find the seeds that wonderful. Love the flavor but hate the chewy texture. They taste just like those berries you know you probably shouldn't sample while wandering around in the woods. The kind where someone yells, "Hey, don't eat those!" That kind.

But, you know who really did like them?

Innocent little children. They devoured those seeds and screamed for more.



Leslie said...

HA ha ha! So it's POMEGRANATE that they use to set up those murder scenes in Law & Order, not ketchup! It does look brutal!

This is a great post, timely. I tried my first pomegranate seed the other day at the restaurant I work in. We're serving pomegranate glazed duck. Which, interestingly rhymes with yuck.

The work the cooks have to do just to retrieve a few seeds is crazy. And when I ate the seed/berry, whatever it is, I didn't like it. It was sour, and made me think, I'd rather just eat a strawberry.

I'm SURE your beautiful littles loved them. First, because most of them are boys and the mess is so awesome :) And also because they're colorful and new. Isn't it sometimes so easy to please these babies? I love that.

And I LOVE your photography.

lis said...

Not all pomegranates are created equal, texture-wise. I mean, the seeds are chewy regardless, but the experience is better with a non-supermarket fruit. I think. It's been a while. :O)