Pre-school art

This morning I went in to Ethan's school for parent/teacher conferences. His teacher gave me a good report with lots of detail and it was interesting to get her perspective on him. One of the examples of his work was this drawing of our family:

In spite of looking like a family of birds, I was pretty impressed with his overall sense of proportion and the details he included. Very funny.


Claire said...

Drew's bigger than you!

It kinda reminds me a little bit of something from the world of Calvin and Hobbes- turning his family into birds...( "The Mother Heron brings home some nasty worms to feed her family..." "CALVIN! Stop playing with your spaghetti and eat your dinner!" or something along those lines...)

love my baggs~Jenna said...


Heidi Helfen said...

I LOVE it. Paige somehow had an extra family member in ours. I asked her who it was and she said it was another brother. Apparently she overhears everything her father and I talk about EXCEPT that 3 kids is our limit. BTW, Paige is madly in love with the pic of Ethan crossing his eyes and has desperately been trying to copy it ever since.

KW said...

Two interesting things...Ethan seems to find himself in equal proportion to you and Keith?! Also, would be interesting to find out why he cut off the tip of K's head in the drawing?