"Why don’t you swing down sweet chariot,
Stop and let me ride.
Swing down chariot,
Stop and let me ride.
Rock me Lord, rock me Lord,
Come and ease me.
I’ve got a home on the other side".

Words are insignificant in the face of this great loss. I'm sad that we did not know Paige better, a little girl with so much spirit. We love you Ben and Kerri and Luke. We are so sorry for your pain and loss.


Anonymous said...

love ya girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl-
Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you as the Maxwell family walks through Paige's death. I know it must bring up raw wounds and I'm sorry you and Keith need to grieve again. Hope to make it to the funeral so maybe I'll see you there.

melbrown said...

Love you, Liane... looking forward to seeing you soon.

Shari said...

Oh wow. Now that I have Maisy, I just can't imagine losing a child. My prayers are with them.

And Liane, I'm not sure if I knew about Seth. I just read one of your old posts about him, where you quoted Fernando's Angel Fire. That song just brought me to tears the other day. Now it will touch my heart in a new way. Much love to you and Keith. :-)

Elizabeth / Лиза said...

Yes, I will be there on Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing you all. It's been so long! Will you be bringing the boys? I don't think I've even met Drew yet. :)
Hope you all are holding up ok.