Heart day

Bear with me and my blog, if you will. I'm feeling all sorts of design indecision lately. Wanting to go Word Press, change the name, find a focus, something. Seven year itch, maybe? More on that later.

I have been systematically plowing through old magazines. Really! Just not a lot to blog about. I've saved several ideas and happily thrown the rest away. I keep finding that many of the recipes or projects I save are also online somewhere.

One success was a recipe from an old issue of Living. Good for a little valentines day fun yesterday. Time consuming but simple enough and pleasing to everyone's palate.

The rolling and cutting is always a hit. We even got to poke holes with a fork in these cookies.

I'd have to say my favorite part of this valentine's day was not the ten pounds of Fun Dip and pre-fab cards Ethan carted home from school or the box of plastic bling and sugar contributed by Drew's classmates today.

It was an impromptu little tea party in the corner of our playroom brought to us by Sadie's longer-than-average nap. Sitting with Drew and Adam in a patch of sunlight, enjoying the fruits of our labor.