There will be tights!

Imagine my excitement at stumbling upon this tutorial a few days ago. Tights! For babies! Almost as good as leg warmers, baby socks or baby Uggs. Possibly better.

A way to use up that old Benetton stretchy t-shirt I've had hanging around for years, waiting for magical weight loss to occur.

I'm not kidding, these things are easy to make. I made them in 6-12 mos size with a little extra room in the toes for the couple months of tights weather we have left.

I just might be able to dig up a few more garments that don't fit me anymore. Just maybe.


Heidi said...

Oh I SO love the baby jean skirt... could just scoop her up and smother her with kisses. If only she didn't hate me ;)

Liane said...

I know...that separation anxiety began way too early.

gretchen said...

Liane these are awesome!!!

You almost inspire me to action, not just admiration...Almost : )

Ruth Murray said...

These a darling and delightful, Liane! And bonus points, they look like they'd hold up better than the store bought variety that get holes in the toes!